Indonesi the common language of the country

Country information page for create a free account to post feedback about a country or language and be notified when others do the same. Alpha omega translations is a translation, interpretation, and desktop publishing company founded on a strong passion to help people connect globally, regardless of what language they speak or country they live in. The most commonly spoken languages in indonesia bahasa, indonesian is the official language of indonesia javanese, bahasa, malay, madura, minang, indonesian are other languages spoken on a regular basis in indonesia.

indonesi the common language of the country The number of individual languages listed for indonesia is 719 of these, 707 are living and 12 are extinct of the living languages, 701 are indigenous and 6 are non-indigenous.

Through a language planning program that made indonesian the language of politics, education, and nation-building in general, indonesia became one of the few success stories of an indigenous language effectively overtaking that of a country's colonizers to become the de jure and de facto official language. Attempts by major asean member countries to push their national language as an asean official language are likely to encounter challenges—even for bahasa indonesia and bahasa melayu. Home earth continents countries of the world languages languages of the world and language codes international codes country index ___ languages of the world with language code (iso 639) list of languages in english and french names, with a short description and where this languages are spoken, additional the international iso 639-2 alpha-3 as well as the designated alpha-2 language codes.

The three countries actually form the dutch language union dutch is also spoken in the caribbean, being widely used in countries like aruba, curacao and saint maarten the language of south africa called afrikaans is considered a daughter language of dutch, and they are mutually intelligible to each other. 45 common english words that came from other languages before or after reading this list, you may want to check out the video “where did english come from” on fluentu to learn more about how the language developed fluentu takes real-world videos—like movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language lessons. To some extent, americans have an advantage over much of the world's population: the country's two most widely spoken languages — english and spanish — are among the most widely spoken worldwide. Indonesia is a fascinating place a nation made up of over 13,000 islands it is the sixth most populated country in the world malaysia borders on two of the larger parts of indonesia (including the island of borneo), and is mostly known for its capital city of kuala lumpur. Indonesian is the statutory national language of indonesia where it is spoken by close to 23 million people it is a second language for another 140 million people ()most indonesians are bilingual, and many are proficient, to varying degrees, in three or four languages.

English-speaking countries in west africa → french (#1 language), french-speaking countries in west africa → english (#1 language) the above is indicative, but we cannot distinguish it from learners’ preference to study the world’s most popular languages. Perhaps, language is the most important function of the human body because it allows us to express and understand, it allows us to communicate and share our ideas and it allows us to enjoy number of entertainment hours through listening radio, music, and reading the literatures. English takes the crown as the most common second language around the world with 55 countries speaking it as a second language france and russia are second and third with 14 and 13 respectively the languages are grouped and colour-coded by language family (languages with a common ancestor.

Pingback: the country with the highest level of language pingback: post #2 – australia & oceania jeff allen 2016/09/11 at 7:37 am and starting with the western half of the island (papua, formerly named irian jaya indonesia) and going westward through all islands of indonesia, there are 700+ more languages. The table below lists the official language of each country as well as other languages spoken in selected countries, the percent of the population that speaks each language is also given bahasa indonesia (official), english, dutch, javanese, and more than 580 other languages and dialects: afrikaans is common language of most of the. Bahasa indonesia, which literally means the ‘indonesian language,’ is spoken by most indonesians as their second language as it is the “unifying language” the official language of the country is used by the mass media as well as educational, business and governmental institutions. This is the country’s official language and it used in the majority of the written documents and the media this is also the standard language used in the horn of africa, north africa and the middle east and it is among the six formal languages of the united nations. It is, however, important to note the most common language used in the country is lao others include french and english these and other few minority languages will be discussed in brief below.

Indonesi the common language of the country

List of countries by spoken languages this list shows countries/disputed countries organised by the languages which are spoken there contents indo-european languages albanian country/disputed territory status speakers indonesia: minority, 90,000. Telugu is a dravidian language spoken widely in india and dominates a number of states in the country the language is mainly spoken in the states of andhra pradesh, telangana, and yanam its dialect includes berad, vadaga, dommara, salewari, nellore, komtao and kamathi among other dialects. All countries, languages and nationalities are always capitalized in english this is because country, language and nationality names are proper names of countries, languages and nationalities pronunciation files for the chart it's important to learn the correct pronunciation of countries, languages and nationalities. The second most common language spoken in the united states is spanish or spanish creole, over 34,559,894 people spoke spanish at home in 2008 while 2,465,761 chinese speakers, 1,122,014 german.

  • Since malaysia is so diverse, there are also many other languages (asian) and dialects spoken, with english being used fairly prevalently hokkien, cantonese, hakka, teochew and hainanese are the main chinese dialects with tamil, telegu, malayalam, punjabi, hindi, gujerati and urdu being the common india languages.
  • Bahasa indonesia: the indonesian language what is indonesian indonesian is a 20th century name for malay depending on how you define a language and how you count its number of speakers, today malay-indonesian ranks around sixth or seventh in size among the world’s languages.
  • Most languages spoken in indonesia belong to this family, which in return are related to languages spoken in madagascar, philippines, new zealand, hawaii and various polynesian countries javanese language , spoken in yogyakarta , central java and east java.

3) english english used to be the second-most common language, but spanish-speakers have increased much more rapidly over the past 20 years still, scholars have named english the world’s “most influential language,” due to the number of speakers (378 million) and the number of countries in which it is spoken. Indonesia’s official national language is bahasa indonesia, but hundreds of local languages and dialects remain in use across the vast archipelago javanese, for example, has more than twice as many native speakers as bahasa indonesia. The enlargement of the eu to 16 countries, where english is usually the most important second language, has toppled french from its perch 28 countries, one common language and that is one of the reasons why 69% of europeans think we should be able to speak a common language, according to the 2012 poll. It is the most common of the kurdish dialect groups, and is the ceremonial language of yazidism, an ancient religion about 80% of kurds, an ethnic group from the middle east, speak kurmanji it uses the latin script, and the oldest book written in one of the dialects dates back to the 1500s.

indonesi the common language of the country The number of individual languages listed for indonesia is 719 of these, 707 are living and 12 are extinct of the living languages, 701 are indigenous and 6 are non-indigenous.
Indonesi the common language of the country
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